Vampire Estate

Before leaving Gin Palace, Connor invented this drink while talking across the bar. Playfully experimenting with Bathtub Gin Co. products, along with a good friend of ours, Henry, and his products from Applewood – the two of them came up with this funky wine cocktail.

“I have this drink I’ve been thinking off… using a Nebbiolo wine, can I borrow some off you to try it?” – Connor

“Sounds sick!! Lets use Unico Zelo!” – Henry

*they make cocktail*

“This is awesome! It looks like vampire blood!” – Henry

Vampire Estate:

  • 30ml Angry Duck Gin
  • 20ml Nebbiolo
  • 20ml Marrionette Mûre
  • 10ml Olive Brine

Glass: crystal wine glass

Garnish: lemon peel

Method: Pour all ingredients into a cocktail tin to shake, add ice and shake until frosty cold. Double strain into wine glass and serve with a lemon peel to finish.

Creme de Mûre is a blackberry liqueur, and the good fellas from Marionette Liqueurs make some amazing stuff – which is completely local from the backyards of Melbourne. While we also have Unico Zelo making some amazingly cool wines and we used their Exocarpos Nebbiolo. Heaps of varieties to choose from, all locally made from South Australia – check them out.