About Bathtub Gin.

The Bathtub Gin Co. is a small batch distillery located in Williamstown, founded and operated by a couple of humans and one dog.

Our gins are distilled using the fractional method, where every flavour component is distilled separately. Blending traditional botanicals with contemporary flavours, we’re able to achieve a balance of tastes and mouthfeel. We source our botanicals and fruits from organic growers around Australia.

Our goal is to create great tasting artisan gin for many to enjoy in as many places as possible. We’ve got a proud list of our current selection, which you can order online and find at different stores, bars, and restaurants. We also offer contract distilling and personalised corporate gin gifts.

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Meet the maker.

Owner, distiller, brainiac, and all round great human. The ethos that Wayne likes to follow is one of humility, trust and kindness. We remember all of our first times meeting with Wayne and he just jumps straight into what he wants with full transparency – as though we have all been great friends for years.

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Our happening man.

Just as amazing is Dave, our distillery manager. He works hard making things happen, and is why the distillery is organised and running well. Dave loves all things gin and is always looking at new botanicals for Bathtub Gin Co. to add to our range. In his spare time he is a drummer, where he take out his life’s frustrations and entertains the crowds.


Boss dog.

Finally, There’s Ginny the gin dog and director of all things. She will greet you at the distillery with a friendly lick, and if you bring her bacon bits she may just leave with you!

“Blending traditional botanicals, and some new and contemporary botanicals, lets us achieve what we feel is a balance of flavour and mouthfeel.”

Wayne Bourke
Owner and distiller, Bathtub Gin Co