Vampire Estate

Before leaving Gin Palace, Connor invented this drink while talking across the bar. Playfully experimenting with Bathtub Gin Co. products, along with a good friend of ours, Henry, and his products from Applewood - the two of them came up with this funky wine cocktail! "I have this drink I've been thinking off... using a Nebbiolo wine, can I borrow some off you to try it?" - Connor "Sounds Sick!! Lets use Unico Zelo!" - Henry *THEY MAKE COCKTAIL* "This is awesome! It looks like vampire blood!" - Henry


30ml Angry Duck Gin 20ml Nebbiolo 20ml Marrionette Mûre 10ml Olive Brine Glass: Crystal Wine Glass Garnish: Lemon Peel

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail tin to shake, add ice & shake until frosty cold! Double strain into wine glass & serve with a lemon peel to finish! Creme de Mûre is a blackberry liqueur, and the good fellas from Marionette Liqueurs make some amazing stuff - which is completely local from the backyards of Melbourne! While we also have Unico Zelo making some amazingly cool wines & we used their Exocarpos Nebbiolo! Heaps of varieties to choose from, all locally made from South Australia - check them out!

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