Classic Negroni

As a group of fellow gin-lovers, we have all been a big fan of the classic ruby red aperitif beverage – we are talking the ‘Negroni’!

Classic Negroni:

  • 30ml Angry Duck Gin
  • 30ml Bitter Amaro
  • 30ml Sweet Vermouth

Glass: double rocks glass

Garnish: orange slice

Method: Pour all ingredients into a stirring glass or cocktail tin over ice. We like to chill our glass or tin beforehand – stir down until glass or tin is quite cold and condensation is forming on the outside. Strain over fresh ice, then garnish with an orange.

This is a recipe for a classic Negroni, but this recipe is flexible to your taste or ethos. We like to support local, so we use Okar by Applewood as our Bitter Amaro, though Campari is classic. When it comes to using a local vermouth we prefer Maidenii Sweet, though any Italian vermouth would make a classic Negroni.

If using Okar & Maidenii Sweet, we will have a slightly light and sweeter Negroni, with mild bitterness. In this varation our Angry Duck Gin shines through at centre stage.