Our artisan gin distillery celebrates flavour

With every sip of product from our artisan gin distillery, you’ll be celebrating quality flavour crafted by a passionate crew.

At Bathtub Gin Co., we love gin. We love its infinite flavours and its versatility. And we love that sense of shared experience when you celebrate the end of a working week, a festive occasion or great friendships by raising a glass of quality gin.

As a small-batch artisan gin distillery, we’ve watched gin’s popularity soar in recent years. It’s an exciting time to be crafting this great spirit for a growing audience. With so much creativity, access to unique Australian botanicals and fruits and a real enthusiasm for trying new flavour combinations, Australian gin is earning new fans every day.

We take great pride in knowing our hand-crafted products are part of gin’s renaissance. In our Williamstown-based micro distillery we create a range of great gins to tantalise the tastebuds.

New taste experiences

From our Angry Duck Gin and Best Day Ever Gin through to our Mighty Apollo Gin, you’ll find a flavour that appeals to your senses. Each gin we produce charts its own territory, carving out a place in Australia’s growing history of quality gin.

Whether you enjoy your gin with tonic, ice or in a cocktail, the flavours won’t disappoint. With the impressive array of traditional, contemporary and unique botanicals available, distillers across the country are only limited by their imagination. This means gin lovers will enjoy new taste experiences for years to come.

The Bathtub Gin team loves experimenting with new flavours and ideas. And there’s nothing better than knowing people enjoy the results of our labours.

If you would like to know more about our Williamstown-based artisan gin distillery and the products we create, please contact our team.