Get creative with our gin contract distillery

For lovers of fine gin, being able to enjoy a spirit that’s specifically tailored for your tastebuds through our gin contract distillery is a wonderful experience.

At Bathtub Gin Co., we put your ideas centre stage when it comes to flavour and mouthfeel when you use our contract services. We’ll carefully craft an artisan gin that caters to your individual desires, personalising the experience and delivering it right to you.

Our small-batch gin contract distillery is a celebration of all we love about gin. It’s versatile, varied and tailored to your specific taste. What more could you want?

The Bathtub Gin Co. crew is passionate about making quality, artisan product at our micro distillery. Every bottle in every batch gets our full attention from the minute we begin work to create the beautiful flavours that infuse our gin. And it’s no different whether we’re working on our own labels or creating a bespoke product for a client.

Quality botanicals

Perhaps you have specific flavour profiles you want incorporated into your gin. From traditional botanicals to new twists using the best of Australia’s native flavours including lemon scented gum, wattle seed and lemon myrtle, we can help.

We are so lucky to have access to quality botanicals and fruits in our local area and Australia as a whole. These great ingredients, coupled with our distillery skills and our creativity, allow us to produce incredible gin that tells a story. And, when we get a clear understanding of your favourite flavours, we can craft a spirit where you are the central character.

So trust our skilled team to deliver the results you want, to your design. It’s a fun process, where you guide us to the flavours you’re desire. You can even forage for the right botanicals yourself or leave it up to us to source them. The end result will encapsulate your ideas and favourite flavours in personalised, delightful bottles of gin.

It’s worth noting that our contract services require a minimum of 100 bottles per order. So whether you’re after a signature taste for your business, want to mark a celebration in style or seek to share your love of gin with family and friends, you know where to turn. And that’s to us – Bathtub Gin Co.

If you would like to know more about our quality gin contract distillery services, please contact our friendly team today. We look forward to hearing from you.